Run smarter campaigns
based on better data

First, compare and analyze your ad performance - across different channels, campaigns and countries - in one unified place. And for your key channels take your campaign raw data and use it to adopt tactics others can't.

See what's working (and what isn't)

The dashboard organizes all your marketing campaigns so developers can grow quickly and profitably.
Tenjin's ROI & Attribution Dashboard
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Tenjin's ROI & Attribution Dashboard

Retention, revenue, ROI - Tenjin's dashboard organizes all your advertising campaigns so developers can see what's working and what isn't, side-by-side by any metric they want

Growth means many campaigns across lots of channels. Traditionally developers use Excel or BI tools to aggregate their growth data from different channels. This approach has three main challenges. For one usually wrangling all those campaigns into a spreadsheet so that they can compare their performance is a recipe for human error and frequent bugs. Secondly, this approach creates a significant daily and weekly overhead for growth teams. Thirdly, in most cases growth teams lose access to user-level data and only receive limited aggregated data sets.

Instead, the free Tenjin ROI Dashboard gives you a panoramic view with unparalleled data depth. It organizes all your advertising campaigns so developers can see what’s working and what isn’t, side-by-side. You can see everything that’s happening, as it’s happening. This provides you with the power to quickly identify campaigns that pose a threat to your ROI. You also have the ability to spot opportunities to double down on campaigns that are promising.


We worked with other vendors in the past, but we chose Tenjin because they are more flexible with their plug and play solution. It's the first platform where we can easily follow the ROI of different campaigns and the first that let us create custom events to target high-value users. Tenjin has given us the insights and confidence to scale our user acquisition campaigns and grow our business.

Kevin Yoon, CTO & Co-Founder, Frenzoo

Translate your unique understanding of your valuable users into unique Lookalike Campaigns at scale

Developers spend a lot of time trying to get a deep understanding of what their most valuable user segments are.
Lookalike Audiences
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Lookalike Audiences

Developers spend a lot of time trying to get a deep understanding of what their most valuable user segments are.

Because of the popularity of Facebook and the high prices of the channel, many accomplished developers use Facebook’s Marketing API, connect it to their own data warehouses and create custom Lookalikes with their data science & BI teams.

This is where Tenjin comes in. Because Tenjin’s DataVault provides you access to event and user-level data you can slice and dice your data with unlimited possibilities and create unique types of campaigns.

Manage ROI for tens of thousands of keywords

Tenjin reduces the complexity of managing large volumes of keyword growth data and empowers UA managers to run many advanced strategies such as niche bidding.
Keyword Campaign Analysis
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Keyword Campaign Analysis

With the right growth data infrastructure it becomes feasible for smaller teams to bid for niche keywords such as "Chicken Masala Boston" instead of "Indian Restaurants" at scale

Rising competition in AdWords push app developers to choose niche keyword strategies.

Because many of the top keywords are costly, our advanced clients choose to run niche strategies for hundreds of thousands of keywords with low CPI’s. Instead of bidding for expensive keywords like ““burger”” they bid on multiple keywords such as ““the best burger in NY”” that are used less and have less traffic. The flip side of this strategy is that to get enough search volume and results developers end up managing tens to hundred of thousand low-volume well-priced keywords. Creating and keeping up an advanced keyword growth data infrastructure is costly. Very often this strategy is also a bet from an advanced developer that their competitors won’t be putting as much effort and resources as they do.

DataVault makes it easy to access and manage your keyword growth data.

You can retrieve all the keyword growth data you need from Tenjin’s DataVault with a single query from a our data warehouse. It’s that easy.


Before I started using Tenjin for our weekly management meetings I had to pull the Campaign data from different sources, including both our Attribution provider and our Analytics provider. This meant having to manually summarize data in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be super time-consuming. I would spend half a day creating a decent dashboard with all the KPIs needed. With the management dashboard based on data from Tenjin, I can easily get the full picture I need with only a few clicks.

Marina Guz, Former Head of Growth at Familonet

Demographic ROI keyword analysis and bidding at scale

Tenjin reduces the complexity of managing large volumes of AdWords growth data and empowers UA managers to run many advanced strategies such as niche bidding.
Search Keyword Analysis
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Apple Search Keyword Analysis

An analysis in the Tenjin dashboard showing that the vast majority of downloads and revenue is generated by females

Ever since its launch in October 2016, developers have been looking to get an edge with Apple Search Ads. We see Tenjin clients deploy two tactics in particular:

Optimize search ads by demographic ROI

Search ads allow advertisers to acquire users based on unique demographic information. This goes beyond a simple install. Using search ads, you can target users based on gender, age, and location as a few examples. By segmenting ROI for males vs females or different age groups in the Tenjin dashboard, advertisers have more options to understand their users. Tenjin also provides a simple solution to get detailed ROI analysis right out of the box. DataVault lets you analyze these acquired users, in conjunction with their demographic data, to find segments of users that work better for your app than others. In DataVault, advertisers can query an exact list of users that have a high impact (high ROI). As one example, DataVault can find the specific users who are male, 18-24 years old, spent $5+ in your app, and had an ROI of 20%+.

Run search ads at scale

A different set of users is building its own dashboards (often first in Excel, later in BI tools) to manage large amount of keywords at scale. Custom filters and drill-downs across multiple dimensions in these dashboards allow them to identify best and worst performing segments and keywords at scale.