How much does Tenjin cost?

Our growth infrastructure scales with your needs and so does our pricing.

Developer Unlimited

Starting at

Up to 12M events/month Unlimited events/month
DataVault: Last 7 days of historical data DataVault: Unlimited historical data

All plans include:

  • Infinite LTV user cohort + marketing analytics
  • Paid + organic + search channel user attribution
  • Cohorted cost data aggregation from paid channel partners
  • Cohorted ad revenue data aggregation from channel partners
  • Hosted/maintained data warehouse with raw data

What is an event?

An event is counted any time an app logs something to our servers. By default, this only happens on app open. For deeper insights about your users (like ROI) you may want to log additional events such as in app purchases or custom post-install events (registrations, tutorial completions, etc.).

Are you an agency or publisher?

Agencies or Publishers, contact for more information about our agency pricing and features.