See all your ad revenue and ad LTV in one place

Tenjin's ad monetization dashboard consolidates and normalizes revenue data and ties it back to your campaign spend. Your ad revenue is cohorted to LTV and tied to ROI.

Data Exporter - Create your growth reports with a few clicks

Growth managers tasked to create weekly and daily reports in Excel depend on Tenjin's free Data Export tool.
Time Savings
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Data Exporter

A saved report in the data exporter which fetches multiple metrics from Facebook & Applovin for the Word Search app on iOS

No more spreadsheets

Spend less time manually gathering data and more time making great products. Tenjin saves your team hours of manual reporting by consolidating and normalizing revenue numbers from every network in your waterfall.


Before I started using Tenjin for our weekly management meetings I had to pull the Campaign data from different sources, including both our Attribution provider and our Analytics provider. This meant having to manually summarize data in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be super time-consuming. I would spend half a day creating a decent dashboard with all the KPIs needed. With the management dashboard based on data from Tenjin, I can easily get the full picture I need with only a few clicks.

Marina Guz, Former Head of Growth at Familonet

Know how ad revenue contributes to your cashflow

In app purchases, ad revenue, and ad spend all contribute heavily to business cashflow and your marketing budget. Learn how to control them.
Understand Cashflow
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Data Exporter

Get a clear understanding of your mobile app business’ ad-based revenue sources. Reinvest ad revenue with confidence, fueling growth and driving installs.

Ad revenue and LTV are important to the ROI of your apps

Make sure you factor ad revenue LTV into your ROI.
Balance growth and profit
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Management Report

Tenjin makes waterfall management easy and intuitive by letting your team track every network’s eCPM from a single dashboard. Quickly access the intelligence you need to strategically negotiate direct deals with your in app advertising partners.


Without Tenjin, my biggest hurdle as a data scientist is to get direct access to clean user-level data from all the mobile campaigns. For example, in a typical user segmentation project without Tenjin I spend 80% of my time trying to complete and clean data sets. On a three weeks project this means more than two weeks of data cleaning and two, three days of actual modelling. With DataVault I get immediate access to all the user-level growth data I need for my queries and models - whenever I want and without being a hassle to the engineering team.

Elisabeth Reitmayr, Co-founder and Data Analyst at Patya Analytics