About Us

We're a family and we'll make you a pro.

Legend has it that Tenjin was a Shinto Deity. He represents both the scholar and the poet. And we think you need a little of both to become a great Marketing Scientist.

We value long term relationships.

The paradox of a career in tech marketing, is that mastery takes time, but technology moves increasingly faster. The game may keep changing, but we want to be a consistent source of experience and support on your journey.

Our experienced team has your back.

Tenjin was originally created to scratch our own itch. Our team has extensive experience in the mobile marketing world and user acquisition, so we have a unique insight into your plight.

We’ll help you grow as a Marketing Scientist.

We want you to be the go-to-person in your company for mobile marketing expertise. We’ll teach you how to mine the depths of your data using the Tenjin platform. We also have regular training events to keep you in the loop about developing strategies.

And leverage the collective intelligence of the community.

By standardizing mobile marketing data, we’ve created an opportunity for everyone to get smarter. As a Tenjin member, you’re able to connect and share insights in the private Tenjin forums. You get to benefit from the experience of your peers, and you have the opportunity to share your own skills and become a star of the community yourself.

Our Team


Christopher Farm


  • Head of Product at Playnomics
  • Lead Product Manager at Tapjoy
  • M&A at Microsoft
  • Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank

Amir Manji


  • Engineering Manager at Tapjoy
  • Senior Software Engineer at Cardplayer
  • Software Engineer at Epic

Ricky Nguyen

Head of Data Engineering

  • Lead Data Systems Engineer at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
  • Senior Software Engineer at Oracle

Henry Oh

VP of Sales and Operations

  • Indie Prize Judge at Casual Connect (2014-Current)
  • Founder at Conversations for Good
  • Advisor at Rainforest Connection
  • Director of BD and Strategic Initiatives at Animoca

Sunny Cha

Head of Marketing

  • Advisor at Rainforest Connection
  • Marketing at Gaming Insiders
  • Senior Manager of Marketing & Corporate Development at Animoca
  • Sales & Marketing Manager at Tapjoy

Matthaus Krzykowski

Platform Director

  • Founder & MD at Salisbury Ventures
  • CEO & Co-Founder at Xyo
  • Co-Founder at Priori Data
  • Co-Chairman at MobileBeat & MobileSummit by VentureBeat

Makoto Taguchi

Director of Success & Head of Asia Sales

  • User Acquisition Manager at KLab America
  • User Acquisition & Retention Strategist at DeNA
  • Software Integration Engineer at Nomura Research Institute

Christopher Nixon

Senior Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer at Tapjoy
  • Software Engineer at Checkmate
  • Straight Cash at Desta

Brett Orlanski

VP of BD & Revenue

  • GM at Aeria Games US
  • VP Business Development at Grow Mobile / Perion

Daniel Lee

Senior Software Engineer

  • Head of infrastructure at WeHeartIt
  • Senior Software Engineer at Kabam
  • Software Engineer at Tapjoy

Van Pham

Director of Engineering

  • Director of Engineering Manage.com
  • Engineering Manager Tapjoy
  • Software Engineer Yahoo!