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What is Tenjin?

Tenjin helps you acquire profitable new users for your app. And we back you up with training and community. So you can grow as a professional, spot opportunities, and avoid costly mistakes.



Use Tenjin for all your Analytics needs. Our SDK gathers user level events for your apps, and our DataVault gives you direct access to run advanced queries on captured events.
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We aggregate your ad spend and ad revenue so you don’t have to. Spend less time downloading and organizing data manually.
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We provide you with the source, cost, behavior, and total lifetime value of every user, giving you complete optimization insight into your total user ROI.
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Get direct access to your user level data. Build your own tools or use your favorite BI solution to visualize your data with direct SQL access.
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Since August 2015, Tenjin has processed:

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How can Tenjin
help you?


Have the complete picture of your mobile marketing performance.

We provide a unified toolkit with everything you need in one convenient place. However, if you’re already satisfied with one or more of your services we can work with that too.


Spend smarter.

With 60+ integrations and our suite of automated analysis tools we save you time & money by providing in-depth insights as to where to best focus your advertising spending.

Big growth

We grow with you.

Our infrastructure scales to your needs. Our modular product line gives you options that can be deployed quickly and easily without engineering overhead.

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