For mobile marketing

Tenjin's growth data infrastructure helps you
acquire profitable new users for your app.

Top Use Cases for User Acquisition Managers

Growth data empowers you to run more advanced campaign tactics

Tenjin's<br/>ROI Dashboard

Tenjin's ROI Dashboard

Manage your campaign data in the free Dashboard and compare apples to apples

Growth means lots of campaigns across lots of channels. The Tenjin Dashboard gives you panoramic vision. You can see everything that’s happening, as it’s happening. Giving you the power to quickly identify campaigns that pose a threat to your profitability. And spot opportunities to double down on campaigns that are promising.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

Take your Facebook data to the next level

Facebook has become one of the key channels for mobile marketing. With Lookalikes, Facebook will provide you with a list of top performing users within your app, which you can then use to target similar users on future campaigns. Because Tenjin’s DataVault provides you access to event and user-level data, you can use DataVault to create powerful Lookalike Audience campaigns to take mobile marketing to the next level.

With Tenjin, you can slice and dice your data with unlimited possibilities and create unique types of campaigns.

Keyword Campaign Analysis

Keyword Campaign Analysis

Manage ROI for tens of thousands of keywords

Tenjin tracks, measures and displays all metrics for AdWords campaigns and related keywords. Because many of the top keywords are costly, many of our advanced clients choose to run niche strategies for tens of thousands of keywords with low CPI’s.

Tenjin’s DataVault allows our clients to fetch all the growth data needed to create custom management setups of their own that allow them to manage tens of thousands of keywords at scale.

Search Keyword Analysis

Search Keyword Analysis

Demographic ROI keyword analysis and bidding

Apple Search Ads allow advertisers to acquire users based on unique demographic information. Tenjin allows app developers to optimize their Apple Search Ad campaigns’ ROI by search keyword.

Tenjin provides a simple solution to get detailed ROI analysis right out of the box.

Top Use Cases for growth data engineers

Make it easy for your engineers

Your engineers build and maintain the pipelines that keep your growth data clean and flowing. Insights and results are great, and you need them. But to deliver insights and results scale, you need your engineers to continuously spend time on your growth data. Running your growth data with Tenjin makes it easier.

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